Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Someone who doesn't think I'm completely insane.

Someone who likes my incredibly thick, unruly hair; who isn't afraid to run their fingers through it; who likes to brush it.

Someone who'll hang out and talk with me in the kitchen with me while I cook.

Someone who'll snuggle in our soft, warm bed at night while the snow falls outside the window.

Someone who'll let me baby them when they're sick.

Someone who is always amazed by the alternate beauty and tragedy of life.

Someone who doesn't mind my obsession with Russell Crowe.

Someone who loves animals as much as I do.

Someone who can step up to the plate when it's time to do so.

Someone who realizes a person can never be known completely, yet never stops trying to understand.

Someone who is kind.

Someone real.

Someone who will always protect what we have together.


The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

There's the line in the sand. Don't settle for anyone who doesn't fulfil every last item on this list: it would make me too sad to see someone as awesome as you are give up on what she needs and deserves.

Also: if they come in pairs, I'll buy the second one off of you.

Anonymous said...

He's out there! I wish for him to walk into your life every day. Plus Ms. Scarlet is right: you totally deserve it and are so wonderful yer bad self.

--The "R"

T-Bone said...

Miss Scarlet:

It has been my experience that they do not come in pairs. A perfect example is beloved brother-in-law Bingo. Because this is true, you needn't buy one off of me. Instead, I shall provide you with a cheek scraping for cloning purposes.

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

Fair enough.