Saturday, September 29, 2007

Catch Up

I would have liked my 100th post to be of a more celebratory nature, but screw it. I'm too damned tired. Instead I'll let you, my sweet tonstant weaders, in on the recent happenings in my little universe.

First, I'm trying computer dating once again. I've had lots of people look at my profile posted on the dating website, but very few bites. This is fine because the two men with whom I've been communicating are both good guys, and I'd rather get to know two good men rather than an army of flakes.

The first guy is Jerry, with whom I share a love of Pink Panther movies and red wine. The second guy is Steve, with whom I share a love of reading, poetry, sarcasm and left-wing politics. I was supposed to meet Jerry for lunch today, but that didn't work out. We will reschedule our meeting. Steve and I are meeting tonight for drinks. We are both looking forward to it. After emailing back and forth for two weeks, it will be interesting to see if the intellectual attraction can carry over into physical attraction. I'll keep you posted on what happens.

I've considered how strange it seems jumping so quickly into the dating pool after Mikey's death. Sometimes it's odd to me as well, but I remind myself that I made the decision to release my feelings for Mikey two months prior to his death. Leslie, Mikey's ex, is for having a harder time with Mike's demise for different reasons. She has said to me, "You're handling this so well; how do you do it?" I always tell her, "You've got to remember I have seven weeks' head-start on grieving for him." It is as simple as that. In addition, my relationship with Mikey taught me a lot about what I'm looking for in a partner. Coupled with the realization he and I would never meet on common ground, I see now that time is very precious. So I need to go on to the next chapter. This includes finding a man I can love and who loves me too.

The Hamlet's Public Works Department has been a source of rich writing material recently. I'll give details in near future, but here is a condensed version of recent goings-on within The Hamlet:

Lady hits mountain lion on the way to work. She panics. Tries to load mountain lion in her minivan to take to vet. This didn't work.

Local high school's homecoming parade is cancelled due to wildfire.

Crazy people are running for city council and give interviews to the local press, revealing their complete insanity.

The Great White Hunter (GWH) was in Africa shooting defenseless animals for two weeks and has returned to the office. He has two CDs filled with videos and photographs of his bloody exploits, and he persists in trying to share these CDs with me. I refuse to watch and I've been polite in my refusals so far, but my patience is nearing an end. I have the sneaking suspicion GWH is needling me somehow in his persistence I view the CD, so the time is nigh to shut this fucker down and keep him the fuck away from me. Not that I dislike him or anything.

So that's about it, tonsant weaders. Thanks for your support through these 100 posts.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your hundredth post! It seems just yesterday we were hearing tales about our cute l'il family, the Greek, and shower curtains. Hope to see 100 more! I check 'n' read every darn day.

Have fun on "your date".

--yer "sister", the Redhead

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

Congratulations on the hundredth!

So how did drinks go with Steve?

claw71 said...

I dealt with a GWH myself once. I just told him I didn't think it was impressive to kill something with a high powered weapon. I suggested he go back to Africa and kill a Rhino with a knife if he wanted my admiration. He didn't like it but I never had to hear about his exploits again.

T-Bone said...

Good suggestion, claw. You want to hear the most disgusting thing of all? GWH doesn't stalk these animals when he goes "hunting". These animals are lured into a 25 sq. yd. enclosure, with food that's been left on the ground. On one end of the enclosure is a stupid hut-type thing, where the bloodthirsty idiots wait for the animals. When the animals come to eat the food, they get shot.

Manly, eh?