Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I See Possibilities... More Than Meets The Eye

News flash from the hard-bitten, chain-smokin' city desk of Sixty-Four Twelve:

I actually had a job interview today. Even more news-worthy-- it went well.

My loyal readers and friends all know I have developed an aversion to law firms since the debacle at the Old Boy Network, P.C. (abbreviation for Pompous Cocksuckers). I can say with honesty (and with a dash of understatement) I'm skittish about the idea of working at another law firm. However, due to my dire financial situation, I'm ready to accept work, even in this capacity.

The ad I answered in the local paper was for a "legal assistant". It was a bland, vague, standard advertisement, listing typical requirements for the position to be filled. I sent them my resume and after a flurry of emails and phone calls, an interview was arranged for today at 3:30 p.m.

I met with one of the partners-- a woman who is highly respected in this legal community and who was given the title of "Super Attorney" in a well-known publication. We talked about the basic stuff including my skills, my background, my experience.

Ms. Partner then filled me in on the position itself. Primarily, it's a receptionist position with legal assistant duties tossed in. As she skimmed over my resume, she said, "You may be over-qualified for this position." I assured Ms. Partner that she may perceive it that way, but I'd be completely happy greeting clients, making coffee and the like. "Besides, I'd be thrilled to be back working in the land of the living," I said.

After I left, it occurred to me that ten years ago I would have turned my nose up at this job, saying, "Hah. It took me years to get away from the reception desk. I'll never go back." But after one goes through the wringer and is left to cure in the hot sun for a few months, one's pride diminishes bit by bit. Besides, I give really good phone.

The second interview will be scheduled for later in the week. This hard-bitten, chain-smoking editor will keep you posted as to what transpires.

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