Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I have a second interview at the law firm downtown tomorrow afternoon. I will be meeting with The Other Partner. I am trying to anticipate any questions he may ask that Ms. Partner did not, such as, "Why did you stay only six months at The Old Boy Network Law Firm, P.C.?" and "Why should we hire you?" etc. I want to be prepared for all possible questions he may ask-- otherwise, I might be caught unawares with my eyes bulging, hands shaking, and pee running down my leg while I scramble for a good answer. I'm assuming if I urinated during the interview, I wouldn't be considered a "good fit". Or maybe I would be-- who the hell knows? Anyway, keep your fingers crossed, readers.

For the last two days I have been frozen to my couch thinking, reading and watching T.V., afraid to leave the phone unattended should a prospective employer call. You may say to yourself, "God! Why doesn't she get off the couch?" Well, smartypants, I didn't leave the couch and see?!? I got an interview. It's magic.

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