Thursday, September 04, 2008

Notes on the RNC

Alrighty! So I was taking notes while watching the Republican National Convention last night. Here they are, along with some random thoughts.

Watching this event is like walking into K-Mart-- yellowish, unflattering lighting, NASCAR references, bad haircuts. Deeeeeeeeeeeeepressing.


"Cindy Lou"-- angelic music playing prior to her clip. Hm. Her Dad was a Budweiser distributor after WWII. Product placement? I'm so cynical.

Looking at Cindy and having once been on the brink of being an officer's wife myself, I can see that she is a machine. That woman is the PERFECT military wife (hence a perfect political wife). I like her! Can she run for President instead? I would vote for her. Empathic, calm, beautiful, reasonable, sensitive. Cindy gets this Democrat's vote.

Note: there's a guy in the delegate's section filming her with a laptop computer. Bet he goes to the hotel later and beats off on while watching it. Sorry, but there it is.

Question: where's their other East Indian daughter? This makes me worry.


I'm noticing a lot of twenty-something Young Republicans in the audience. Maybe they should join up and go to Iraq since they're so hot on the perceived necessity of this war.

Lots of bad dancing and white man's overbite during "Footloose", "Danger Zone", and "Rock This Town". I bet Brian Setzer wouldn't be too happy knowing his song was playing at the RNC!

Chant of the convention: "DRILL, BABY, DRILL". Oh boy.

Misspelled sign: "MAVRICK".

Ominous sign: "RAISING McCAIN".

Another sign: "COLLEGE REPUBLICAN'S FOR McCAIN". Phys Ed majors?

Yet another: "PEACE", then website address for John McCain's campaign. Did I miss something?!?


The voiceover intones, "Mother. Moosehunter. Maverick." I am not kidding.


Up in nosebleed, a guy holds a banner that reads "McCAIN VOTES AGAINST VETS". He's heckling McCain during his acceptance speech! Uh oh! He's still there!

Oops. Not anymore.

More hecklers-- a pair of them! Women. Dragged up the stairs and out of XCel. They must have been cheerleaders at one point, because you could hear their voices over the boos of the crowd. Thought: are there lots of hecklers planted in the crowd? I hope so! That would be exciting!


Observation: all politicians point at their friends before they give speeches.

Senator McCain quoted Thomas Jefferson:

"...that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights..."

-- except immigrants and folks like that who don't deserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the United States. I wish McCain would quote this Jeffersonian jewel (but he never will!):

"My opinion on the right of expatriation... is not left to the feeble and sophistical investigations of reason, but is impressed on the sense of every man. We do not claim these under the charters of kings or legislators, but under the King of Kings. If He has made it a law in the nature of man to pursue his own happiness, he has left him free in the choice of place as well as mode, and we may safely call on the whole body of English jurists to produce the map on which nature has traced for each individual the geographical line which she forbids him to cross in pursuit of happiness." -- Thomas Jefferson to John Manners, 1817 (emphasis mine, o' course).

McCain on Palin: "I can't wait until I introduce her to Washington." Yeah, I can't either! It's gonna be hilarious.

McCain is opposed to state-run health care systems. Oooooo! Not those! Like those in Australia, England and Sweden? Where it doesn't cost anything to go to a doctor? Where everyone has healthcare? Where you can stay home with your newborn baby for months if you choose and not have to go back to work right away? Where birth control pills are free? Yeah, that's some evil stuff there-- healthcare. For free. Baaaad voodoo, man.

"I'm working for you," said McCain, pointing to the Republicans in front of him. He most certainly will.


The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

Of the three--mother, moosehunter, and maverick--NONE of them make me want to vote for any ticket to which Palin is attached, and the latter two and the fact that THEY ACTUALLY SAID THIS put me right over the edge into Hell Nawsville.

As for McCain, the man is against gay marriage, against abortion, and for arctic and offshore drilling. I'm still waiting to hear of anything at all about his platform that even remotely appeals to me.

I thought, when I was younger, that I could see both sides of complex issues and respect differences of opinion, but lately all I can think about the Republican platform is that these people are fricking inSANE. Am I missing something?

T-Bone said...

Scarlet: I don't think you're missing anything. Like Judge Judy says, "If something doesn't make sense, it's because it isn't true." I think that may be applicable here with the GOPs platform.

Gina said...

I love my lusciously liberal t-bone.

McCain/Palin 08

mwah, mwah