Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cheesehead No More.

As you know, Dear Readers, I relish my bad habits.

Once in awhile I will saunter half-heartedly into the Land of Health by swallowing vitamins and various nutritional supplements, stretch languidly with yoga and even allow those super-positive thought thingies into my consciousness.

This never lasts too long.

My much-loved pursuits do require the rapid-fire of brain cells, but are tempered with many hours devoted to sitting on my ass. These pursuits include reading, writing, eating and drinking. Other pursuits I enjoy require a minimum of effort, such as strolling through a gallery or a museum, poking around in a library, perching on a bar stool listening to music, or just sitting on a couch, talking, talking, talking.

To other people. Not to myself.

So keeping this in mind, sports are the dead last thing on my mind (see my post one year ago about MARATHON WEEKEND). However! Recently I've been captivated by the on-going saga in Green Bay:


I know!!! Isn't it nuts? This is so completely out of character for me. It is.

The other night at the restaurant, a bunch of waiters were standing around talking about the possibility that Brett might come out of retirement. One guy was saying, "Who cares if he comes out of retirement? Who cares?"

An alien being took over my body and I piped up, "I CARE. I don't even care about sports, or football, or any of it. BUT I CARE ABOUT BRETT FAVRE."

They all turned and stared at me-- me, with my eyes wide, eyebrows up, hand over mouth.

Until I said it, I didn't even know (read: acknowledge) that I'd been visiting Sports Illustrated's site every day for the past week, that I'd open stories about Favre posted on CNN, that I'd been pondering Brett's possible return over my morning coffee, that I'd hoping he'd come out of retirement and KICK SOME ASS AND TAKE SOME NAMES!!! YEAH!!!

So when I voiced my opinion about Brett Favre, it was as odd as shaving my head on a whim or tossing my books out the window of a moving car. I mean, I'd entered a parallel universe. My concern for Brett was part of me, but I didn't know it was part of me!!! And suddenly, there it was, like I'd gotten out of bed and suddenly noticed I'd grown three extra fingers overnight! On my forehead!!!

Today I read with great interest that Brett had been traded to the Jets. Oh, Green Bay. I understand your logic-- "That train has left the station" etc.-- but the Jets are going to have a fantastic year. A fun, glamorous year, filled with anticipation and excitement.

I may subscribe for NFL Extra this year.

Favre? Just one of the coolest guys on the planet.

That is all.


Gina said...

If he were my bad habit I'd relish him too.

Donna said...

just giggling..I come from the fashion industry (back in the day) and my brother is a football your writing. Making me smile, laugh..

came over to meet one of Gina's friends.

T-Bone said...

Thank you, Donna! So nice to hear from you. Hope you visit again soon.