Sunday, January 06, 2008


There are those who lust for power, money, or attention.

Me? I lust for really cute shoes.

Just ask The Redhead and she'll tell you-- if we are in a department store, we will inevitably gravitate to the shoe section where I'll find a beautiful pair of shoes. I will hold one of the glorious shoes up to my cheek and squeal, "Redhead! Lookit!" Repeat this ten times. This is what we do when we go to the mall.

Oooooh... I lust for pasta.

Hot or cold, red sauce, meat sauce, olive oil, with vegetables, basil, or just gorgeous, velvety cheese-- it simply doesn't matter. Pasta is the ultimate comfort food and like a good shoe, goes with anything.
I do lust for a particular Australian bloke, whom I believe I've mentioned before:

You know, each time I Google My Husband Russell Crowe, I find yet another picture of him that becomes a favorite. This is today's choice. He looks relaxed and casual and kind of scruffy/messy.

*Whispering* Oh, Russell-- if you were here with me, my love, I am sure I wouldn't know what to do with you.

Hm. Wait... okay. Yes I would. Never mind.


The other night a friend asked me, "If you had only $20.00 left in the world, how would you spend it?" I answered, "I would go to a used book store and buy a bunch of books." I love to read, feel the heft of the book in my hands, smell the pages, relish the story, and often lose myself in what I'm reading. It is my only true escape.

To me, lust is not sinful, at least as it applies in my life-- my quiet, uneventful, largely celibate life. Screw Thomas Aquinas and his little list of the Seven Deadlies! I'm keeping lust close to me, thank you very much, and it's a cheap, cheap thrill.


the Redhead said...

Well, items 1 and 2 illustrate the reason that The Niece is actually Your Daughter. When she sees shoes she's all "Hello, Lover!" and does the cheek caressing thing too. In fact it's one of the things we can still connect on even when we are tooth and nail about everything else.

We had penne and Howie's Sauce for dinner tonight!

T-Bone said...

"Hello, Lover!" hahahahah. What can I say? The Niece is my doppelganger. We all know it.

Mmm. Howie's Sauce. You know, I think I'm gonna post the recipe so folks everywhere can relish the tomato-y, simmered goodness that is Howie's Sauce.