Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Le Roux fantasme autant que je fais, peut-être plus!

The Redhead sent me a picture of dangerously adorable tangerine leather peep-toe character shoes with a white instep strap (and button!) this morning (from Anthropologie, natch), with this little story:

From: yer "sis"

Provence: As the waiter sets a tiny dish of olives next to your wineglass, you smile "Merci" and shade your eyes against the afternoon sun while looking up the road winding its way through a warm field of lavender stretching away over the hill. Tickled by the breeze, the hem of your frock flutters and dust whispers across the toes peeping out of the new tangerine shoes. "Where is he?" you wonder, glancing at your watch. A buzz in the lazy air shivers a bit louder, then louder still as it becomes the growl of a somewhat elderly motorcycle. "Un autre verre de vin, s'il vous plait", you say to the waiter. "Daniel! I wondered if you'd ever get here!"

I know that "Daniel" is this fellow, and he's driving up on a vintage Indian.

The next email from The Redhead. Attached is another wonderful pair of shoes from Anthropologie (pink Mary Jane flats, with little eyelet-cut holes-- whee!):

From: yer "soeur"

Provence, deux: A slanting sliver of sunlight beneath the bathroom door. A hiss of water, clank of pipes, whisper of a razor on his cheek. Linen skirt smooth against your legs as you slip into the pink shoes. "Oui?" you call to the quiet tap at the door. "Madame, un mimosa ou deux?" "Deux, merci," you say, and pull the windows open to a brilliant day.

I'm guessing the fellow shaving in the bath is again:

Le Roux et moi mangeons de l'un de l'autre, vous voyez ?


the Redhead said...

OMG WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT FRICKIN' SHAVING PICTURE???????????? OMG OMG I must have it...... Oh it's from Enduring Love!!! Lucky Samantha Morton! I wonder if this movie is any good! I wish I knew how to Photoshop....... there must be a head shot around here somewhere that I could pop into place. So sad I won't be able to ask Bingo to do it, my obsession with Dan makes him grumpy.

As for "mangeons", yes I'll have a snack, you naughty monkey.

The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

Morton totally looks like you in that picture, T-bone, except that I can't picture you ever wearing a shirt that ugly. For a second, when I saw the face, I thought somebody had photoshopped you in, and then I was all, "No, the lighting's too good."

That's meant to be a compliment. That picture doesn't look anything like Samantha Morton, and you don't look anything like Samantha Morton, either. She generally kind of scares me.

Gina said...

Need to see the shoes to get the whole effect.