Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Wall

I've never felt so old. This week's events have finally caught up to me.

Normally when I'm dragging my ass I can get a good night's sleep and a decent meal and the following day, I'm full of piss and vinegar. Not so today.

Although I slept decently last night, I woke up exhausted. I cleaned my house exhausted. I got ready for work exhausted. My second job (of the dozens) usually leaves me rejuvinated, but tonight, I was a washrag being wrung drier and drier with each passing moment. I ran errands after work, picking up much-needed items at the grocery store and desperately-needed wine at the liquor store. Dragging my feet through the grocery store, I wondered how I was going to make it home and sherpa the bags up the stairs. I did get the groceries into the fridge, but I still had to cook dinner (at 10:00 p.m.) because I hadn't eaten substantively for over 36 hours. I managed to take care of that, too.

So here I am, belly full and wine glass drained.

The last week has been an autumn, and the days to come will be spring.


Anonymous said...

Can you provide a link to the original article? Enquiring minds may want to know.
-the RH

Anonymous said...

EEEKK!!!! This comment is in the wrong place. I should have put it with "men like hot women". Sorry!