Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Thank You. Love, Max

When my 9 year-old nephew's birthday was looming on the calendar, I was ruminating about what I should get him as a gift. I thought and thought and thought, and finally, I just asked him:

"Max, what do you want for your birthday, sweetie?"

He rolled his brown eyes up to the ceiling and pondered.

"I don't know," he answered. "But the minute I decide, I'll tell you."

The birthday got closer and closer. One day, I recalled the really cool gift that both my Grandma and Aunt would send to me on my birthday: cold hard cash. Fabulous! I'll give Max some money.

Oh, he was so happy when he opened the card and the bill fell out. He picked it up with his square little fingers, and smiling, held it up to his cheek and said, "Thanks!"

A couple weeks later, I received a card in the mail from Max. The card itself is one of those bought in bunches for a wedding shower, a farewell party, or the like. Max chose a manly, horizontal maroon, navy and white stripe design for his card, with block letters on the front saying simply, "THANK YOU".

Inside the card, Max wrote:

"T-Bone, thank you for the money. I spent it on (Mommy's) birthday presents. Love, Max".

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Anonymous said...

Alert! Another sensitive man in the family! How adorable.
-the Redhead, his other aunt