Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jobs 'n' Shit

The burst of optimism I was feeling last week in the afterglow of scheduling two interviews...has faded.

Law Firm: Ms. Partner and The Other Partner decided to hire someone else. Got a phone call on Thursday from one of their paralegals who had the dirty job of calling the rejects to inform them of the bad news. "I'm just curious," I said, "But could you tell me why they decided not to hire me?" "Gosh, I'm so sorry," she stuttered, "But the attorneys made that decision and I'm just calling people to let them know." "Lucky you!" I said.

Sheriff's Office: I was given a spelling, grammar and typing test last week, which I passed, and the HR department called me that day to set up an interview. I met with the (female) division commander and the assistant commander last Wednesday. Suffice to say, I was unfocused, nervous and intimidated by Ms. Commander who, as you could probably guess, was a tough cookie. My words flowed like sap and my feeble mind short-circuited, rendering me unable to form a clear thought, let alone verbalize the fucking thing. I failed the interview miserably. Afterward, I went out to my car and I cried.

So! Time to recoup, refit, replenish, reflect, reflux, rehabilitate, reincarnate, etc., etc. and all those other re- words. I wish I could retire.

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