Sunday, February 11, 2007

Jesus-- He's My Friend

Reminisce of a Halloween party that Rene and I threw one year:

We held it in the courtyard of our apartment complex, which had a high brick wall surrounding the front and back of a common area. There was one way in and one way out. We were charging a small fee to each partygoer, and Rene and I worked the door for the first several hours (before the cops showed up). There were approximately two hundred drunken revelers milling about in the courtyard-- Spaceman Spiff, a drum major, Cat in the Hat, Cat Woman, a murdered bride. The party was in FUUUULLLLLLLL swing.

Soon, a long white limousine pulled up slowly in front of the complex. A chauffeur got out and walked around the limo to open the back door.

Rene and I stood there on pins and needles. First, a tiny woman got out, dressed as the Virgin Mary, cradling a toy Baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes. "Cool," said Rene.

Then a guy dressed as fat Las Vegas Elvis got out. We both squealed, "Ooooh!!! It's the king! It's the king!"

Then a guy dressed as Jesus got out of the limo. With awe, I said to Rene, "Oooh. It's The King! It's the King!"

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