Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm going dark.

Life is just too much at the moment. My heart can't divulge any more crap to the general public.

I have so little energy and realize that any energy I have needs to be directed to finding my teeny-tiny little sunlit corner of life. This is hard to do when you're all kinds of fucked up, like I am.

So I'm going to stop writing on this blog indefinitely.

To my four or five readers, thanks for reading my bullshit over the last few years.

And to those who discover Sixty-Four Twelve by mistake or happenstance and decide to read my bullshit (like that actually happens), thank you for being here.

God bless you.


Lovely Monsters said...

I'm so sorry you're having such a shit time. I'll be thinking of you, and, if it's not too forward to say, praying for you, too. I hope things rapidly improve; until then, your pets love you.

the Redhead said...

I miss you! I wish you would come back.

Love from the R

Lovely Monsters said...

I've been rereading *Sixty-Four Twelve* this morning. I remembered it being good; even so, now that I'm reading it again, I'm shocked by how lovely it is, how graceful the writing, and how every post fits together to form a portrait of a remarkable woman. If these posts were collected and published in a book, I would already own it.

T-Bone said...

Thanks, Lovely, for reading. I think I'll be writing again in the near future, as I just needed to get my head right. I love you, honey.