Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yeah. Hey. Howaya?

I've been sick with some kind of lung-filling, sinus-blocking, voice-thieving, muscle-crunching virus these last few days. I slept most of last week, wore filthy pajamas, drank water and tea and ate virtually nothing. My voice is taking little trembly steps back to normalcy-- I sound like Demi Moore. Sexy.

Time disappears when I'm sick. It's an odd thought that the world went on while I was in a fever-induced daze-- people went on trips, went to work, planned weddings, worked in their gardens, bought cars, shoveled snow, wrote poems, cooked food-- all while I laid on my couch, inert, sweating, shivering, miserable. I hate missing out on life when I'm sick.

You can only imagine what The Hovel looks like at this moment. I'm longing for spring, where I can open up my windows and welcome in some warm, sweet air. I'll wash my floors, take my curtains to the cleaners, throw out old papers and letters, and start again.

It's been a long, cold winter.


The Scarlet Pervygirl said...

Man, *everybody's* had this crap. I was hoping the Bird Flu would be more dramatic, but no: our global pandemic is feeling shitty and hacking up three-quarters of a kidney. Welcome back. I'm glad you're crawling your way toward healthy again.

Gina said...

I hope you feel tip top soon, T. Sure, people did fun things while you've been puky but people also got shot, had bad dates and visits from their in-laws. Plus, you have the Demi Moore voice. So that's got to be something. Sickness sucks. Feel better.

T-Bone said...

Thanks, Girlz! I am feeling better. Still manage to have both kidneys, Scarlet, and Gina, you're right-- crummy things happened too! I laughed reading those. Love you guys.