Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Something That Makes No Sense Whatsoever.

"The Hamlet Public Works."

"Hello. I'm calling about the street closure on the Avenue. When will it be open again?"

"Well, sir-- the street isn't closed. We're going to be re-surfacing it this week. They are prepping it now. If you need to get up to your house, you should have no problem getting there-- they just let you through. In fact, they're keeping one lane open for that purpose."

Long pause.

"I don't live in The Hamlet. I want to know how I'm supposed to park up there when I go for my hike."

"Sir, there's lots of side-streets like X and Y, where you can park your car."

Another long pause.

"Well. That's just impossible. When will there be parking again on the Avenue? I want to go on my hike."

"Next week the parking should be open again," I said, forcing cheerfulness into my voice.


"Thank you." Click.

My understanding of this phone call:

- This is a person who wants to go on a hike in the mountains above The Hamlet.

- He drives to get to the place where he wants to hike.

- If he can't start his hike after embarking from his car in which he drove to get to his hike, he doesn't want to take his hike.

- He won't park on a side-street near the Avenue, because it might add a few hundred feet to his hike;

- OR he doesn't want to park on a side-street near the Avenue, because it might be too hard to find a spot to park, embark from his car, and take his hike.

I am so confused. I hate these idiots.

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Anonymous said...

We once had a customer complain that are salt was to "salty". I know what your going through.