Monday, August 27, 2007

You Big Lug.

Why couldn't you have waited two more hours?

This morning, I was so happy to find out that you were still here. I even brought a book of Irish poetry to read to you, hoping that the beautiful words you love so much would somehow penetrate the void.

But you were gone.

Michael Jeffrey Pittman
September 18, 1962 - August 27, 2007

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p0nk said...

i realize this hardly compares but I've been having dreams lately that take me back to when i was 19-20 and had just been dumped by my girlfriend of 3 years.
Very bittersweet memories, I really loved that girl, and if i hadn't been such an asshole when i was young, things could possibly have turned out very different than they did.
25 years later and still feeling regret for how things turned out.