Monday, August 20, 2007


Because I work for The Hamlet's Public Works Department, I have access to all kinds of nifty things-- weed-whackers, tools, chainsaws, bulldozers, etc. By far the coolest thing we have is a street sign maker. Because my previous no parking sign was torn down by the angry man whose car I vandalized after he thoughtlessly parked in my space, I was thinking it'd be fun to make a new sign for my parking spot. It will read:

Do not at any time park anything here including,
but not limited to*, bicycles, tricycles, unicycles,
motorcycles, scooters, skateboards,
baby strollers, cars, trucks, SUVs or RVs.
If you park your vehicle here, I will have it towed.
If you park something here that is small enough
to pick up, I will throw it off the nearest cliff.
* Had to toss that in. My legal background, don't you know.

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p0nk said...

i had a friend who had a couple traffic cones he used to use. I say 'used' because he no longer has them. somebody stole them.