Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hideous Eruptions

I obsess about my skin. I stay out of the sun, wash carefully, use really good products, do the anti-aging regimen. I think it's paid off over the years.

Unfortunately, despite all the good things I do for my skin, once in awhile it rebells against me and I get a Vesuvi-zit. For me, one Vesuvi-zit cancels out every moment I have spent cleansing, moisturizing, fretting.

For the last several weeks I have a zit that's been gurgling under the surface for awhile and has finally surfaced. It's red. It's angry. It's on my jawline. Worst of all, it's not getting any better despite my best efforts to hold it at bay.

I loathe the Vesuvi-zit, those pimples that are so enormous and hard and refuse to come to a head. It's like a teeny-tiny silicone implant on my face. Worst of all, I keep touching it and I check on it in the mirror throughout the day.

If I were to leave it alone, how long will the Vesuvi-zit stay? I'll never know for sure because I try to perform surgery on these things before they get out of control. Would it stay for six months? A year? This one started forming two months ago. It's worn out its welcome. BEGONE!

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