Sunday, December 31, 2006

Tabula Rasa

It seems natural to write about resolutions on New Years Eve. The other night, a friend of mine and I spoke of making resolutions, and he stated that he does not make them. Many folks I know make them, lots of them don't. I'm in the middle-- I make resolutions in a fit of inspiration, then typically don't keep them. This year, I've made a few resolutions I hope I can keep.

1.) Get "healthy".

I look fairly well for a 44 year-old woman, but I could use a bit of improvement. At this age, you either jump on the physical preservation bandwagon, or you watch it drive past and it disappears around the bend, never to return. I plan to quit smoking (again), and I plan to start working out (again). The little band o' fat around my middle isn't going to go away on its own, nor the cottage cheese on my ass. I know-- I sound FABULOUS. Thankfully, my diet is in pretty good shape, so I don't have to alter it much.

2.) Get a job.

No comment needed here.

3.) Write more.

I like to write-- I think it's fun. I believe I haven't found my true voice, so I want to work to find it. Additionally, a writing project that has been haunting me will begin. I only need to think of this project and I become overwhelmed, but if I chip away at it, it'll be beneficial in so many ways.

4.) Live life with grace.

I'll be the first person to tell you that I'm impatient. For example, my Mom needs lots of extra care (even though she lives in an assisted living facility). I tend to get very short with her and I hear myself speaking to her like she's a child. I roll my eyes at her and sigh loudly and do all that stuff a bad daughter does. Over the Christmas holiday, it occurred to me: "You need grace." Listen to the U2 song of that name, and the lyrics describe perfectly what grace really is. I need it.

Happy 2007, everyone.

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